25 Weeks!


I can’t believe I’m 25 weeks!  This pregnancy has been flying by, it must be because I’m so busy chasing Asher.  So far this pregnancy has been very similar to my pregnancy with him, very normal and I’m very thankful for that.  15ish more weeks till I get to meet my little girl!

It may be a while

It may be a while before I actually make a nicer cardboard house for Asher.  Yesterday he was sitting in it but this morning looked more like this…

I’m just happy he’s enjoying himself even if it’s not the vision I had for it.

Attempt at being crafty

I know that craftiness is not a strength of mine but it’s another area in my life I would like to develop.  I came across this project thanks to Pinterest and felt that it was simple enough for me to do and I already had the materials.

Here is my attempt 🙂  Let me first say this really turned into a practice one.  I realized that I needed a bigger box and having colored duct tape would make it a lot nicer.  I’m just proud of myself that I tried.

And the bunny in the box with Asher is not actually his.  It was gift for his baby sister but he’s taken a liking to it and has decided to keep it company till her arrival in January.

Swim lessons

Once a week Asher has a 1/2 hour swim lesson and he LOVES it!  He doesn’t stop smiling the whole time he is in the pool.  This week his Grandma had the day off work so she went with him in the pool and I was able to get some pictures.  These aren’t the best pictures but it does capture how much fun he was having.

Brief stop at the park

This morning Asher had an appointment with the doctor because he’s been very congested for the past week.  Thankfully the doctor said it’s nothing much to worry about since he doesn’t have a fever and is eating and drinking normally.  Since we walked to the appointment we decided to stop briefly at the park on our way home.  Asher loves being outside and loves swinging!