45 weeks

Since Asher was born I’ve been doing these weekly photos of him.  I love being able to look back at them but the older he gets the harder they are to do!  I think with the next baby it may only be monthly photos.  I’ll have to see.  This is last weeks picture as Asher was 46 weeks yesterday.  The fabric I ordered hasn’t come in yet but I’ll hopefully have the 46 week picture in a few days.


And here’s one more picture because it’s just so cute!

Fall weather

The weather here in Michigan has been wonderful!  Cooler temperatures make it so much easier for my pregnant self to want to be outside.  I think Asher and I are going to have to start exploring all the local parks around us in the next few weeks so we don’t get bored 🙂

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge


The morning light in our house creates lots of shadows so it’s fun trying to capture them.   Here are 2 from this morning.


Lazy Saturday

We had a very lazy day today so lazy that Asher and I bummed around in our pj’s most of the day.  I think it was a wonderful way to spend a rainy day.