For my birthday I got a Canon AE-1 Program, a 35 mm film camera, and a 50mm lens.  I’ve always loved film but since getting my first digital DSLR a little over 10 years ago I haven’t touched it.  Over the past year or so I’ve come across many photographers who are jumping back into film, whether it be for client work or personal work, and it’s made me want to jump back in as well!  These has definitely been a learning curve and I still have a long way to go but I feel like I’m finally starting to hang of it.  Here are some photos from my second role I got processed.

A000049-R1-00-24 A000049-R1-01-23 A000049-R1-03-21 A000049-R1-06-18 A000049-R1-10-14 A000049-R1-12-12 A000049-R1-13-11 A000049-R1-18-6 A000049-R1-19-5 A000049-R1-22-2

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