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If you know my son you know that he has an obsession with sticks! Everywhere we go he collects sticks then insists on bringing them home. My back deck has about 10 sticks on it, my car has 7 sticks in the trunk that just couldn’t be left behind, and when I clean his room I usually find at least one stick!

IMG_8073 IMG_8078 IMG_8183 IMG_8350 IMG_8355 IMG_8356 IMG_8370 IMG_8389 IMG_8611 IMG_8614 IMG_9502sticks

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  1. says

    What a cute habit! These are great images – when he’s 20 and hiking a trail with his walking stick, you have these (plus many more I’m sure) to show him that he’s always loved his sticks and how cute he was with them!

  2. danielle says

    These stick images totally hit home for me. My little man has sticks, rocks, rusty nails, leaves…you name it and he has it collected in various places throughout our house and car. I absolutely adore the way you have captured his quirk!


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